Maritime Silk Road

Li Qingxin
Translated by Wang Guozhen


Format: Cloth | Pages: 378pp
Size: 155 × 230 mm
Language: English
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ISBN: 978-1-987821-73-4


This book is a combination of useful knowledge and readability. It presents the old history of the maritime silk road, development and contributions from countries along the route. The book covers the history of navigation, immigration, international affairs, religious communication and maritime trade. It is a popular book about maritime silk road, and also a way to show the foreign readers the culture of Chinese silk road and its cultural communication with other nations.


Li Qingxin, PhD in History, Researcher(senior), Chef of Guangdong Academy of Social Science and Sun Yat-sen Research Institution, Director of Guangdong Maritime History Research Center, Editor-in-Chief of Studies of Maritime History, etc.


On balance, the Maritime Silk Road creates more competition in Europe-China relations, but it also creates space for cooperation in the blue economy and for specific maritime security missions.
—European Council on Foreign Relations

The Maritime Silk Road is China’s grand trillion dollar plan to link up 65 countries, and 4.4 billion people – that’s over 60 percent of the world’s population. It will create new trading routes, and cement China’s position as a global superpower.
—Channel News Asia

The MSR would play a vital role for development in the seas through regional cooperation based on infrastructure development, financial integration, free trade, and scientific and human exchanges.
—Center for International Maritime Security

The Maritime Silk Road initiative is a manifestation of China’s growing significance in the global arena––economically, politically, as well as strategically. The proposal will boost trade, shipping, tourism and development of maritime infrastructure, and enhance connectivity.
—Observer Research Foundation