Chinese Silk and the Silk Road

Zhao Feng
Translated by Helen Kay Wang


Format: Cloth | Pages: 448pp
Size: 155 × 230 mm
Language: English
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ISBN: 978-1-987821-70-3


This is a monograph that gives a deep interpretation of the silk culture in ancient times and described the historical evolution of the clothes—basic elements of daily life, which all together displays the beauty of silk and the Silk Road.


Zhao Feng, Curator of China’s Silk Museum, researcher, Director of Chinese Textile Evaluation and Protection Center, Member of National Cultural Relics Evaluation Committee and Centre International d’Etudedes Textiles Anciens, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Donghua University, Author of Art History of Silk and Silk and Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty.


In this volume, the author, Director of the China National Silk Museum, presents the evidence for the development of Chinese silks from the earliest times down to the Ming and Qing dynasties, often illuminated by his first-hand experience at archaeological sites, personal viewing of pieces collected in museums, and descriptions from literature. In many cases, his encyclopedic knowledge of weaving techniques has enabled him to reconstruct complete patterns from fragments of the whole design. Each chapter is accompanied by references which will enable the interested reader to pursue individual subjects in more detail.
—Roderick Whitfield
Percival David Professor, Emeritus
SOAS University of London

The auther uses unsophiscated expression and vivid examples to illustrate the history of the Silk Road, of which silk is the focus. He doesn’t confine to the household stories around it. On the contray, apart from introducing some historical backgrounds, he puts more attention on the silk itself, which makes the work unique.
—Rong Xinjiang
Professor of History Department
Peking University