Decoding Jingdong: The Secret Technology Behind China’s E-Commerce Giant

JD Research and Development System


Format: Paper | Pages: 486pp
Size: 145 × 210 mm
Language: English
Price: $29.95
ISBN: 978-1-4878-0062-8


How Jingdong ( combined rapid growth, a swift-responsive supply chain, and enormous team size has always been a mystery to the outside e-commerce industry. Decoding Jingdong shows how JD’s technical team has advanced to the front of the industry. Now we can learn, with detailed explanations, the key points like how they use technology to support the comprehensive competitive strength of the website, how JD utilizes technical innovation in coping with various problems and pressures, and how they can update the system when the website is running at a high speed.

Decoding Jingdong shows the growth of JD’s R&D team in many aspects, including the 618 (June 18th special sale) Big Promotion, products and technology evolution, innovation inspiration, and how they used JD’s talent.

This book is suitable for technical personnel as well as those engaging in e-commerce platforms and other IT and Internet industries.


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